Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to streaming, how does the process work?

  • To buy your ticket, follow the “Buy Tickets” link through your theatre’s website, That’ll Be The Day’s website or social media posts.
  • Only 1 ticket is needed per household.
  • You will get an email receipt for your card payment showing the details of your order.
  • About 7 days before the show date, you will receive another email with your unique link. 
  • Using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, follow the unique link to the special webpage on
  • Using the same email address that you used to book the ticket, you will be able to login to watch the show.
  • The special webpage will contain its own video player for the evening’s entertainment – you will not need to download or use any of the (now) commonly used virtual platforms.

I’m seeing various dates – which one is correct?

Trevor and the cast wanted to give as many of their fans as possible the chance to feel the Christmas Show really had come to their theatre this Autumn, by using the LIVE interactive element.  If the streaming had happened on 1 night only to 30,000 fans this would not have been possible! So, streams are running from 3rd December to 13th December with different theatres’ audiences having different dates.  Currently, no more than 4 venues have been allocated to most streams.  Follow the link through your local participating theatre’s What’s On page or If you cannot make the date, why not buy a recorded copy of the evening’s stream to download later?

Is this a live stream?

There will be a live introduction from Trevor, an interval when Trevor will share messages and photos uploaded to Trevor’s mailbag during the 1st half of the show and then a chance for live interaction with Trevor and other members of the cast after the show.  The Christmas Show itself has been pre-recorded and that plays for about 2 hours of the 3¼ hours of the stream.

How do I interact with the cast?

During the playing of the show, you will be able to post messages, questions and photos via the streaming website.  After the show, Trevor and other members of the cast will join the stream for a chat (and a virtual drink) to answer some of your messages.

Can I watch the show again?

If you buy the “Live Show and Download ticket” you can watch the show again later.  If you cannot make the date for your theatre, why not buy a recorded copy of the evening’s stream to download and watch later anyway? The Download file can be played back through your computer on any media player such as Windows Media Player or MAC Quicktime.

What can we watch this on? Can we watch this on TV?

You will be able to watch the stream on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  If you want to watch it on your TV you can connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable.

What streaming platform is this on?

The live stream will be presented on the website using special video player software.  You will not need to download any apps or use any of the (now) commonly used virtual platforms.

Is it just one ticket per household?

Yes, only one ticket is needed but the code is unique to each computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone so, if all the family is not all watching the show in the same room, two or more tickets might be required.

When will I receive my unique link?

This will be sent to you by email about 7 days before the show date.  This email will also include basic instructions on how to access the stream together with telephone and email contact details in case you have any technical issues on the night.

I am having difficulties making payment.

Please try to use a different device or a different web browser and try again. The payment platform is Stripe and is very secure.

I have bought tickets and I now can’t make the date. Can I get a refund?

We would like you to think about these options first:

  • Have you looked at other theatre’s What’s On pages to see if you can make a different date? If you can, email us and we’ll change your booking to the new date.
  • If you can’t make the date but still want to watch the show for your theatre, why not change your ticket to Download only?  Email us to arrange this.
  • We are supporting the theatres with a financial share of the ticket prices.  If you can’t make any date, we can cancel your ticket (so you won’t receive a unique login code) and donate the whole ticket price to your theatre instead.
  • If none of these options work for you, a refund can be issued.

To contact us to arrange any of the options, please email

I live outside the UK, can I still stream the show?

Yes, provided you live in a country where you have unrestricted access to the internet.

Anything else, please email